Be a Tourist in Your Own City of Philly

Philadelphia is a vibrant area bursting with cultural attractions, rich history and dynamic destinations. Our backyard is home to bucket list items most will travel far and wide for. Luckily for us, we’re able to experience any of these right at our fingertips. Let’s get to exploring our town. No plane ticket or packed bag required.

Have a Picnic

Three Bears Park is one of Philly’s better kept secrets and a Society Hill staple. This charming neighborhood area boasts freshly landscaped sitting areas and a serene setting perfect for an afternoon picnic or downtime with the family. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this park offers an escape close to home. We recommend picking up some avocado toast and scones from local favorite, Frieda, on the way through Society Hill’s historic streets. Did we mention that this little adventure lies just 6 minutes away from The Broderick?

Discover Local Finds

A Sunday well spent is a Sunday spent at a local Farmers Market. Headhouse Farmers Market is one of the oldest in Philly and just an 11-minute stroll away from The Broderick. Featuring nearly 50 rotating vendors, this artisanal destination is a must. We suggest grabbing a cup of coffee at Society Hill’s beloved Bodhi to enjoy on the way over.

Visit the Bell

Perhaps one of the most famous sights to see in our city, The Liberty Bell is something that should be added to your Philly bucket list immediately, resident or not. The bell was originally ordered for the Pennsylvania State House in 1751, so it has long been an amazing staple in our backyard. No tickets are required to visit, so you can go and snap your next Instagram photo whenever you please. The best part? It’s just a 5-minute stroll from The Broderick? That’s a no brainer.

 Admire Famous Art

Considered one of the largest museums in the country and an attraction you just have to visit in Philly, the Philadelphia Museum of Art had to be on our list. They offer countless works to peruse, such as pieces from Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, Diego Rivera, Warhol, rotating exhibits and more. Not only that, but you can take tours, listen to inspiring talks and participate in courses. Additionally, every Wednesday night you can experience an exciting event, including wine painting or yoga. One of the best parts of visiting is being able to learn more about our own city and its rich history so close to home.

Recreate a Movie Scene

Another Philly claim-to-fame is our city’s role in the hit franchise “Rocky”. We all remember the famous scene where Rocky Balboa sprints up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the tune of the equally as famous “Gonna Fly Now” song. Once he reaches the top, he raises his arms, and the backdrop of our beautiful city is shown in all its glory. Not only can you snap your own shot recreating the famous scene when you visit, but you can also grab a picture with the Rocky statue at the foot of the stairs. Get a few steps in while you recreate one of our home’s most iconic moments.

Go forth and explore, Philly. This is your home after all.